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Who I am

Hello! My name is Guillaume Le Ray, and I have been working with data analysis and statistics for the last 5 years. During that time I have been mainly involved in human data analysis (sensory, perception, human behaviour, marketing). I have also developed technical skills in software development and a good ability to translate my collaborator's problems into statistic tests and algorithms. I consider that the most important part of my job is not how complex my analysis can be but how my collaborators would be able to use it. As it is, I am really attentive to deliver results, which will understandable by the user.

In my free time I practice a lot of sport (running, cycling, rugby), I like to cook for my wife and friends and to spend quality time with them.

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    6 years
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    DTU Elektro

Who I worked with

I have worked with companies from different fields, all having in common data analysis and the need of external consultancy for advanced data analysis projects.

  • /KL7

    /KL7 is a growing start up working with consumer behaviour and using behavioural science and evidence to solve business problems. As the only way to understand a population's behaviour is to collect and analyze data, /KL7 uses data collection and data analysis.

  • Coty

    Coty is one of the largest perfume producers of the world, and the company uses sensory science on a daily basis to analyze the perception of their products. They work with data analysis to quantify their product perception (preference) and to specify how they are perceived.

  • Vejdirektoratet

    Vejdirektoratet, the Danish road directorate, takes care of the danish infrastructure system, and they are particularly careful on how much noise and annoyance the roads produce. They use data analysis to understand which parameters influence the resulting noise of the tires on the road or what affects our perception of that noise.

What I offer

If you are looking for some extra man power or a problem solver for your data analysis, I would be delighted to hear more about your project and find out how we can work together!

I am using the open source software R (unless you require and provide another one), allowing me to offer low prices on data analysis.

I am always open to learn about new problematics and new methods.

  • Data Formatting

    I can advise you on how to format your data to get the best out of it and I can also implement routines to consolidate your data.

  • Statistical Programming

    I code in R in order to generate data tables and beautiful graphical output.

  • Data Visualization

    I take great care to provide you with high quality data visualization because it brings value.

  • Statistic / Data Analysis

    I would be happy to give you ideas on how to analyse your data to answer your questions.

Technical Skills

I have skills in data manipulations, software development, statistical programing and data representation.

  • 90%


    R is a free software environment for statistical computing and graphics.

  • 50%


    SCRUM is an iterative and incremental agile software development Framework.

  • 35%


    Stands for Structure Query Language used to extract data from a database.

  • 95%


    Well Excel ;) no need to explain


Because it is not my main activity, I will not accept a project if I cannot guarantee a high level of quality.

  • Reliable

  • Enthusiastic

  • Excellent Communicator

  • Team Player

  • Flexible

  • Focused

Contact Details

We could arrange a meeting around a coffee at your office or at a cosy place!

  • (+45) 42 44 85 91
  • Sankt Kjelds Gade 27
    2100 Copenhagen Ø

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